The Kiko Goats in Canada

Brief History

In 1998, the Kiko goat was introduced for the first time in Canada from Jacques and Theresa Valley (JTV Farm) in Texas, USA.  Less than 10 registered Kikos were imported to Quebec.  Unfortunately all these Kikos disappeared and have no progeny still alive. In 2000, 20 unregistered Kiko does et 2 unregistered Kiko bucks from Goats Unlimited in California were improted to Williams Lake in British Columbia.  This herd was dispersed and it seems probable that several of these Kikos might be found in Western Canada. However, it might be quite difficult to garantee the authenticity of these Kikos because they never been registered since their importation. 

In July 2000, Les Élevages Franc-Nord has imported its first two 100% NZ Kiko doelings from Mountain Goat Ranch located in Jamestown, Tennessee and owned by Ruble C. Conatser. These twins, which the dam is the productive Kiko doe CCR MS Moneybag, are still alive and which have produced prosperous progenies.  In August 2000, Les Élevages Franc-Nord imported again from Lamar Brown of Victoria Farm in Georgia.  This import involved two registered purebred Kiko does in which an excellent 100% NZ named Victoria FArm Virginia.  Many kikos originate from these two does.  Unfortunately, the importation of a purebred Kiko buck was unsuccessful because of health requirements. After unsuccessful searches to import more registered purebred doelings and bucklings, in October 2001, we imported 7 new registered purebred doelings.  These Kikos were from Moonridge Farm in Tennessee.  In December 2001, we had the chance to import our first registered purebred Kiko buck.  This is the first registered 100% NZ Kiko buck (TAY Starbuck) in which his progeny is still alive.  This buck is still alive today (July 2010) and he is a son of the well known direct import from New Zealand, Tasman Zorro. 

Les Élevages Franc-Nord had tried to find more 100% NZ genetic, but for different reasons it did not work. Finally, nine days before the custom closure, between USA and Canada, for ruminants in december 2003 an importation was done.  This importation was made with Patricia Whitford et Robert Lafrance located at Godmanchester, Québec. Les Élevages Franc-Nord had imported one 100% NZ registered buck from Jace Goodling in Virginia, an other 100% NZ registered buck and 16  registered doelings from Bill and Brenda Moore, BBM Farm in Georgia.  2 of the 16 doelings were 100% NZ, the last one died in 2009 but both have great progeny on our farms.  The Whitford-Lafrance have imported 12 doelings an one buck.  Most of those animals had good progeny.

The total of purebreed registered animals imported was 39 does and 4 bucks until the custom openning for bucks in 2007.  After the custom openning in 2007 some bucks were imported  from USA in western Canada.  In the same time Les Élevages Franc-Nord and Les Élevages Caprannie s.e.n.c. have decided to work together in a bucks importation.  This importation end up in october 2008 from Rolling Meadow Farm in Georgia property of Nancy Gilleland, 5 new 100% NZ registered bucks were imported all from different bloodlines.


Present day 

  The Kiko goat is now represented in Canada by a larger number of animals.  This maternal breed as numerous qualities like high milk production, high rusticity, prolificity and internal parasites resistance.  It also has a good feed conversion, good carcass rate, high growth, high kidding facilities, slow growth hooves et high resistance hooves diseases. Right now the Kiko effective is in progression, because in the meat goat production the base herd as to be made from a maternal line.  The Kiko breed will be a major player in the future of the Canadian meat goat industry.  We have to keep in mind that the first goal was to produce a maternal meat goat... and it's exactly what they did by creating the Kiko breed.

Today, the Kiko is an exemple of what a specific selection can do.  The Canadian and US producers are now a lot more aware about the advantages in the addition of the Kiko breed in their herds.  The Kiko is the real opprtunity for the producers to pick the right maternal breed which need only the minimum and produce the maximum.... 

Northern Kiko Genetics is proud to produce and offer high quality Kikos with the highest genetic diversity to the Canadian meat goats producers.  Our main goal is to select our Kikos like the first instigator have done, for production and profitability above all,  for which it will serve best to the benefit of the Canadian meat goat industry.


What makes the Kiko breed exceptional is not what you see but what you can get from!