The Kiko Advantages

The meat goat producer knows well that the gross margin is extremely small. According to this fact, it is important for the meat goat producer to improve the efficiency of the business but many factors should be considered to achieve this goal. Firstly, someone should increase the productivity of the herd while minimizing the expenses of the business. This is expressed by selling a caracass which has the best meat-to-bone ratio and minimal costs to produce it.

Therefore, this carcass should reach a desirable weight and an excellent meat conformation as rapidely as possible with the minimal feed inputs. Besides, the hardiness and the performance of the Kiko breed permits to minimize inputs for the overall production. Ultimately, the success will be possible when someone will be selecting the caprine genetics that have all the characteristics needed to meet the production goals. Moreover, the Kiko meat goat has many traits which have a significant economical value.


The Kiko advantage is to produce with minimum costs !

This advantage worths to be experienced !