Kiko's recognition and registration in Canada

Tuesday, February 22, 2011 - 21:51

Dear Kiko owners,


The end of 2010 has been the signal to start an important project for the Kiko goat breed in Canada; which that means the recognition of the breed by Agriculture Canada as a distinct breed.

To realize this project, it is very desirable to obtain the support from the Canadian Meat Goat Association (CMGA). The CMGA has the objective to represent all the meat goat breeds in Canada. Moreover, the CMGA has committed for a survey about the different Canadian meat goat breeds. In December, a questionnaire was sent to meat goat breeders in Canada. If you did not get it, we will be pleased to send you a copy.

Firstly, the process of recognition of the Kiko goat breed from Agriculture Canada requires that all Kiko breeders come together in order to determine the breed standards and the genetic selection orientations of the Kiko. Afterwards, the Kiko breeders should come together within an association to claim the recognition of their breed. This gathering together might be done within an existing association as CMGA. A first step was got over this week since M. Mario Duchesne from Les Élevages Franc-Nord farm was nominated on the CMGA’s Board of Directors and also as the person in charge of the Kiko breed committee.

The ultimate goal of this recognition is to create a Canadian Kiko breed herd book. In other words, it will possible for breeders to register their Kiko goats in Canada. Besides, they will be the ones that will make decisions for the future of this breed in Canada. This project would consider to maintain a degree of compatibility between Canadian and American registries.

It is as Canadian Kiko breeders, that we appeal your support in that project. To send a strong message, we need as much as possible Kiko breeders to be member of CMGA. Becoming member of CMGA, this means to support and to show solidarity with all the Kiko breeders that will give us the strength to convince Agriculture Canada to recognize the Kiko breed.

For the Kiko breeders that are not member of the CMGA yet and would like to support us in that project, we give you all the links that you need for the membership form and prices. You will see that the inscription has to be done at the Canadian Livestock Recording Corporation (CLRC). The CLRC has been mandated by CMGA to operate the Canadian meat goat registry.

You are in demand to become true actors for the development of the Kiko breed in Canada. Only Kiko breeders could participate at this project. The Kiko breed has a bright future as a maternal breed… altogether and with your involvement, we could insure to the Kiko breed a choice position in our Canadian meat goat industry.


Thank you for your support.

Resistance to gastrointestinal parasites

Wednesday, May 27, 2009 - 12:27

Parasites are an important limiting factor among goats which might limit performance and profitability.  Therefore, parasitism may have an important economical incidence.  Kiko goats have been selected in the South island of New Zealand  where the climate is temperate and humid in the low lands and it could be quite cold and humid in the region of higher altitude.  Kiko goats have been developed in this mountainous region.The instigators of the Kiko breed has always been rigourously selecting for parasites resistance and/or resilience since the beginning.  The Kikos from Northern Kiko Genetics undergo great trials for parasites resistance.  Besides, they are adapted for pasturing from the most economical as possible and having a great productivity in these difficult conditions of management.