Northern Kiko Genetics

For developing the Kiko goat breed in Canada...

The history of the Kiko breed in Canada

Les Élevages Franc-Nord


Let's first present me,  Mario Duchesne, owner and breeder of LesÉlevages Franc-Nord. I have also the support and the participation of my wife and my two children (Fabrice and Mélina).  Our business was founded in  1999 and we imported our first two purebred Kiko doelings  from Tennessee (USA) in July 2000. Our farm is located in Saint-Hilarion in the Charlevoix region,  that is 130 km northeast Quebec City. The land has 57 ha or 140 acres in which fallow land, woods and grass fields allow pasturing and ranging our goats.  The herd is only made up by purebred Kiko goats in which we are raising 40 Kiko does and 10 Kiko doelings.  We have in common with Les Élevages Caprannie for breeding 8 purebred Kiko bucks.  The farm is located in the Highlands (300 à 800m)  in the middle of the Charlevoix Astrobleme (one of the rare inhabited meteorite crater in the world, 28 km diameter). The climat is typically boreal and humid with an average of 100 days without freezing and with an abundant rain and snow falls.  That climate expresses the rigourous conditions in which farming and raising goats are in our region. The Kiko breed was selected for its great hardiness, its excellent motherability and its high parasites and hoove diseases resistance. Our breeding philosophy is to select for production above all as the same as it has been done with the founders of the Kiko breed in New Zealand. The Kiko breed is adpating well in our conditions and we wish to raise and to produce a true Northern Kiko goat that will probably become the most important maternal breed in the development of the Canadian meat goat industry.   

Unfortunatly in 2011, Mario has to quit production to invest himself to his job, has developping the Canadian cows. 


Les Élevages Caprannie s.e.n.c.


Let's first start by presentations, we are André Lavergne and Annie Morin, we have 3 children (Antoine, Jérémie and Ann-Sophie).  We have founded Les Élevages Caprannie s.e.n.c. in April 2007 with the purchase of a part of Mario Duchesne's herd.  Our farm is located at St-Lambert-de-Lauzon in the St. Lawrence plain south of the river and about 15 minutes from Quebec City, that is in the Beauce region.  The animals are currently in a former dairy farm building of Annie's parents which have been modified to raise and to winter goats.  The herd is made-up of 50 Kiko does and about 12 or 15 Kiko doelings for replacement. Our philosophy for animal feeding is to supplement minimally in the objective to select the most profitable and outstanding under a minimal feeding program.  We are the first Canadian farm to be involved in the North Amercian EPD program for the Kiko breed (since 2008) in order to permit a better evaluation and selection of the Kiko breeding stocks presently raised and produced here. We are associated with Les Élevages Franc-Nord to help and to favour the development of the Kiko goat breed in Canada and also to offer to potential Canadian goat breeders and producers the best Kiko genetic currently available in Canada.